How Does the Intelligent Quantum Engine Seize Opportunities within the Cryptocurrency Realm ?

Powered by Infinite Tech, the Intelligent Quantum Engine is capable of conducting profitable arbitrage trades on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The Engine extensively utilizes Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing to execute fully automated arbitrage trades in real time !

Step 1 : Data Collation

Gathering and Collation of Data from multiple sources such as mainstream media and social media as well as statistical data such as trading volumes and prices on exchanges.

Step 2 : Predictive Analysis

Raw Data is then fed into our Proprietary Algorithm which utilizes Artificial Intelligence in analysis and Quantum Computing for real-time computation of successful arbitrage trade probabilities.

Step 3 : Identification & Selection of Trading Pairs for Arbitrage Trades

Trading Pairs on Individual exchanges that have the highest potential for successful profitable arbitrage trading pairs are identified and additional computation is carried out to select the trading pairs with the lowest possible levels of risks associated. (eg: price slippage)

Step 4 : Execution of Arbitrage Trade

Upon identification and selection of trading pairs, the Intelligent Quantum Engine will automatically execute the trades in real-time!

Key Business Strategies
  • Establishment of Strategic Partnerships where we leverage on the technologies, products and large consumer databases and communities of our strategic partners
  • Strategic Acquisitions of Vakuabke Assets and Businesses to support our goal of unleashing the potential within the crytocurrency and big data sectors
  • Constant product improvement and enhancement through Research & Development ( R&D )
  • Intergrating the various aspects of our businesses within the two sectors to build a sustainable business ecosystem and community
  • Adopting a Step-by-Step Approach with regards to business expansion within the De-Fi & Big Data sectors