ZING+ Corporate Profile
  • Active daily users number close to 1 Million
  • 4.26 million downloads
  • Over 170,000 videos and 260 Influencers on the platform
Notable Partners include the wildly popular
Sing! China
Board of Advisors
Lao Mao ( Liu Yuan Long )

Music Advisor

China Legendary Music Composer《Avenue of Stars》
Judge : Songs include《伤不起》,《走天涯》,etc

Wang Zhen You

Law Advisor

Master Degree in Law, Experienced IP Lawyer,
Handled Case like《花千骨》,《侠客行》,《盗墓笔记》 etc

Core Team
Rain Wang

Product Director

Experienced Product Planner, more than 10 years experience in Internet product design and planning

Zhang Miao

Technical Director

Expert Mobile App Developer, iOS, Android, Server, Network, Blockchain and other Computing Languages

Tiger Li

Media Director

CCTV variety show director,experienced event director

Yang De Lang

Content Director

Singer & Music Producer, Winner of CCTV’s “Golden Award for the Original Music Contest”


Music Director

Music Creator, twice won 2017 DJMag top 100

Established Stars
Angie Chiu

Hong Kong Actress


Li Yu Gang

Chinese Opera Singer


Huang Yi

Chinese Movie Actress


Yu Haoming

Mainland Chinese Male Singer & Actor

《舞动奇迹》2nd season Champion 《其实我还好》 《一起来看流星雨》 《乐火男孩》 《那年花开月正圆》

Cai Guoqing

Director of Chinese Musicians Association
Executive Director of China Pop Music Association
Central Military Commission Political Work Department Song and Dance Troupe


Li Dan Yang

Chinese Military SingerNational Actress


Guan Zhe

Mainland Chinese Singer
Mainland Chinese Music Producer


Alex To

HongKong Famous Artist
HongKong Pop Male Singer


Roger Yang Pei-An

Taiwan pop Singer
Head of Harvest Music Studio


Angel He Jie

China pop Singer
China Actress


David Lui

China,HongKong SInger
TVB 2nd season New Talent
Competition Champion


Julien Chen

China,Taiwan Male Singer
Xiao Hu Dui member


Famous DJ
DJ Kaku

From hip-hop music, The most popular DJ and producer in the Bay Area

Jade Rasif

Singapore actress and DJ, also the 2013 "new reported new face" Runner-up


Good at Glitch, Bass, and other styles of psychedelic electronic music, joined the famous electric sound brand BANANA

Gail Werner

Thailand's famous DJ in Thailand's famous night show, DnD Thonglor’s permanent DJ

Roxy June

2010 Pioneer Professional Female DJ Champion. Asia Top 10 Female DJ

King Chain

The world-renowned electronic DJ, Taiwan's first DJ performing in Las Vegas and Jakarta music programs

New Talent

Harnessing the power of media to build a community,
Garnered the attention of media organizations and advertiser,
Launched in partnership with international corporations, music artistes, top music schools, media and large music distribution networks.

Key Partner Institutes
Communication University of
Shenyang Conservatory of
Shandong University
Of Arts
Beijing Contemporary Music
China Conservatory of
Zhuhai Institute of Arts
and Career
Sichuan Conservatory
Of Music
Beijing Contemporary Music
Media & Distribution
  • In China, home to 25% of the world’s mobile internet population, a third of browsers’ time in 2019 was spent on video-based social and entertainment platforms.
  • Their screen time is expected to grow from 4.35 hours per day in 2019 to 5.73 hours per day by 2025.
2017 Music Industry Value
China 50Billion USD
Asian Tigers 30Billion USD
  1. Whole Chinese
    Music Industry
  2. 80 Billion USD
  3. 7.3%
  4. Annual Growth

China has a population of 1.3 billion. Of which 600 million are music users, 46.15% of the total population

11 Million Potential Users

According to the celebrity mentor, celebrity DJ, and the number of fans of the pop star, based on a conversion rate of 20%, it is expected that 11 million fans will be converted into Zing+’s mass users!

  • In-app revenue for global short video hit TikTok and its Chinese version Douyin ranked first among non-gaming apps globally in the third quarter of 2020, with User spending on the app growing by 800% in the three-month period compared to the same quarter in 2019
  • The Average Number of Daily Active Users of the Tik Tok (Douyin) APP in China alone topped 600 Million in January 2021

China mobile Internet

In 2017, online music in mobile Internet users’ usage rate is 68%, which is equivalent to 512 million users!

Source:China Mobile Music Industry Annual Comprehensive Analysis 2018